It’s coming..

I’ve been called the worrier in my family. It’s just a family curse. Last week I was talking about how things would progress in the next week with the coronavirus. My family said I was nuts. As things continue to unfold. I just keeping shaking my head, because some of us saw this coming. The impact is going to be something we haven’t ever imagined before, at least for my generation. Or so I think. We’ll see, but I think at least for a little while things are going to be kind of crazy. I could be wrong, and I am willing to admit that. But we’ll see….I am not even worried. This isn’t about me being worried for my kids. I think they are safe. I am a little worried about myself and maybe Zeke, who also has a crap immune system. But I am mostly concerned for our patients at work who have bad immune systems. My older family members. Our communities. The economy. Hang on. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

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