Puddle Jumping

This fall I bought a pair of custom shoes. Only 100 pair exists. I have tried to take good care of them. They are my favorite pair of shoes. They mean something to me.

Today I went out to do 3 miles. I unexpectedly found myself in my favorite place, along the trail faced with a nice, muddy mess. But I was wearing my favorite shoes, still nearly pristine.

I laughed. My life is currently a mess, yet here I was trying to avoid the puddles and mud to protect these shoes.

I love these trails. I love getting my shoes muddy, a sign I am not afraid of being perfect. A sign I am willing to take risks. It’s something I have come to love about walking or running on the trails. It’s become therapeutic.

I wasn’t ready to let go of these shoes. I decided I needed to let go. It was about so much more than a pair of shoes. I have been trying to keep up appearances, keep up the status quo, hold things together.

Life is hard. It’s ok to not be ok. My hearts been broken. It won’t be fixed overnight. As I trudged through the mud today, I was grateful. For all the life lessons I learn as I walk these trails.

I highly recommend taking a nature bath regularly. It’s good for you, but maybe not so good for your favorite pair of shoes.

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