Just the beginning

We are living in such a strange age. I have never received so many emails from companies about a disease before in my life. We live in an information age. We know so much about this, yet still so little. People say we are overreacting, but I don’t think that’s true. You have to remember this has only been around since December. I think if we looked at what’s happening in other countries you would realize we are not overreacting at all.

I am not worried for my kids, well maybe Zeke who’s immune system is lacking, but the others will be fine. I worry about my grandparents and parents. I worry about myself.

I’m currently sick. I doubt it’s coronavirus, but it’s damaged my already weak immune system. I can’t afford to be exposed to more germs.So if you are sick, stay home. I am staying home, keeping my germs away from others just in case. It’s the right thing to do.

Do your part. Stop buying all the things from the store. I could really use some lysol wipes so my family doesn’t catch whatever it is I have, but they are hard to find right now.

Be aware of others. Check in on others. The more events that get cancelled the more likely your lonely friends will be to be even lonelier. Reach out via phone, email, chat. Let them know you miss them. Don’t let this put even more walls up between us in this age that already has enough distance between us.

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