Pandemic Shopping

As I do a normal Kroger run for a last minute dinner need, rolls to accompany our pulled chicken BBQ that’s been slow cooking all day, I realized I am still shopping normally. The store shelves are empty and here we are just acting like regular every day Kroger shoppers. We are prepared for a crisis, just not always prepared for the little details.

A few weeks ago I had restocked the pantry and our deep freezer is generally well prepared for a rainy day. There are frozen rolls in the freezer, but I don’t have time to thaw them for dinner. Poor planning on my part. Nothing a trip to the store cant fix. We make regular trips to Kroger for things like last minute additions to dinner, like rolls or an ingredient we forgot. But it’s not so easy now, the shelves are bare and the lines too long. The guy in front of me is trying to get away with buying 4 loaves of bread, but the cashier told him he couldn’t.

Today I am grateful for my well stocked pantry, deep freezer and the ability not to have to worry about what’s for dinner. I pray I can get better at pre-planning so I can avoid these last minute trips to a chaotic, fear ridden store. I know there are others who have less than us. I pray they find access to the resources they need to feed themselves and their families. I realize you might not care about these long posts, but I know this season is a once in a lifetime adventure. I want to document it the best I can because I know one day my memory will fade and I don’t want to forget. For my sake, my kids and theirs as well.

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