Dressed for success

I used to envy the moms who wore yoga pants at school pick up. You know the ones. The skinny moms. The fit moms. The moms who always looked so put together all the time, yet still pulled off wearing yoga pants. I used to long to be one of those moms.

Then I lost a ton of weight and got a job that allows me to wear yoga pants to work. It’s a great perk, except for when you gain weight due to sickness and you can’t quite pull off the look so well anymore. So, lately I’ve been going to my closet in search of something that hides the extra pounds that I can’t seem to get rid of despite exercising and eating well.

Every time I wear something other than yoga pants to work it has a negative side effect. It gets me unwanted attention. People assume I’m dressed up for a reason and want to know why. I hate having to lie, so I admit the truth to a coworker. Another person I told a half truth, it’s easier to just grab a dress than have to color coordinate an outfit.

There’s another secret my daily outfit usually tells. Chances are if it’s a non-yoga pants day, I probably am hiding more than extra pounds. Chances are I woke up in a lot of pain. Thus it truly is easier to grab a dress off a hanger and slide it on then wrestle with pants and a shirt and multiple items.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, one of the easiest coping mechanisms I’ve found for waking up on a high pain day is by proving I can at least look good despite how I feel. The secrets out. If I am dressed up, in something other than yoga pants or jeans, it’s likely a sign I feel pretty miserable on the inside. I do this to help myself at least feel better with how I look on the outside. This is partly for others, but it also helps me mentally take control of how my day starts. Instead of struggling with my outfit, I can choose something that makes me look nice and is comfortable. Typically this means I get to accessorize more than if I just wore yoga pants and running shoes, again the more bling the more positive energy I bring
to my day. I need all the positivity I can get!

I am not a girly girl, but I have a few things I use to brighten my day and a good coat of nail polish, lipstick, or a cute bracelet usually help bring a smile to my face.


Top it off with a good hair day and I’m set. So now you know, if I’m looking more put together than normal, I might feel well and maybe I had more energy to invest in getting ready; but the opposite is more likely.


I’ve found over the years that instead of giving in to the negative feelings I have to find ways to combat them. These little tricks help me start my day in a way that boosts my mood, and sometimes it helps get me out the door and on my way.

Today was a high pain day, but I conquered it. I started it with a littleĀ self-love in the form of a coat of fresh nail polish and ended it by replacing my cute flip flops with running shoes so I could walk off the negative voices that were leftover from my day. I’m still in pain and I look a little worse for wear, but I did it. I put one foot in front of the other and thanks to a few good coping mechanisms I survived another day.

Praying tomorrow’s a better day.

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