Is it Spring yet?

I know it’s still winter and that silly ground hog doomed us w/ six more weeks of cold but you wouldnt know it by these last few days of warmth, or relative warmth!

I have been enjoying the nice weather by getting the boys out as much as possible. last night all three boys, the dog and I went for a walk after dinner. Today , for the first time ever, we walked up to the school to pick up the big boys from school. It took about 25 minutes and both lil boys walked all the way! On the way home I got Zeke to sit in the stroller so it went a little faster that way, but he still walked a little bit because he wanted to be a big boy!

I can’t wait til it’s nice all of the time so we can do this more often, not only will it help me get more exercise but it might help Bo lose a pound or two!

Next week I start doing childcare from home so it will also be nice to be able to do pick up w/ more kids in the stroller, make it more of a challenge for me! it will also be fun to have new playmates for the boys! Not to mention it will help us get closer to our financial freedom, which is going really well so far! Loving Dave ramsey!

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