Look for the Light

There is hope in every season, some times we just have to hold on to the small glimmer and wait for the flame to rekindle; but never let your hope fade. If you are struggling today to even see that small bit of hope, please hold on and wait patiently for it is still there. The fact you are too means that the world hasn’t given up on you yet, so don’t give up on it.

May the light of Christmas shine bright within you every day of the year. It gives us hope that even those who¬†were in the darkness could come into the light. That those who were hopeless could have hope. It’s a hope I cling too, today and every day.

As I remember the loss of a dear loved one today, and I try to stay grounded in the good thoughts as the holidays tend to take me to dark places, I am clinging to that light and that hope. If you are struggling today, know you aren’t alone and don’t do it alone.

The holidays can be about the darkness or the light, whichever we ruminate on. Today I am choosing the light. I hope you do too.

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